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Hard decisions made easy

by Paul Gordon

Business leaders must consider multiple factors and opinions, negotiate with numerous stakeholders and implement decisions successfully. Hard Decisions Made Easy sets out effective and practical ways to tackle the twin challenges of this process: balancing non-financial and financial outcomes, and getting stakeholders on board.

This book will help you to:

  • Make seemingly impossible decisions with confidence
  • Succeed in balancing tangible and intangible outcomes
  • Engage stakeholders positively and win their support
  • Get your decisions to stick
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    Every leader could benefit from the practical approach to decision making set out in this book.

    Too often, important decisions in business get settled by who yells the loudest. Paul’s very practical book shows you how to manage decision processes in a better way that will generate the best outcomes for your organisation and get the buy in from the team so that things actually get implemented.

    Patrick Sharry

    GSM Fellow, University of New South Wales

    I love the easy to read style of the author. How to make good decisions is a critical skill but the author has a style that also makes it interesting. Love the practicality of the book. Easy to implement strategies. It’s a relatively quick read. Highly recommend

    Verified Purchase

    Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021

    I attended a workshop with Paul Gordon last year when i was invited along with a friend and he made me really stop and think about the decisions I had made. And more importantly, the decisions I was about to make in my life. We all think we are good at decision making because we liteally make 100’s of decisions a day! This book has provided me a thoughtful, usable and insightful playbook on how to make not only small but important decisions, but more importantly, large and meaninful decisions.

    I had never thought about structuring my decision making for more optimum outcomes. Now I have a playbook to step me through it. Its an easy read and well worth the investment.

    Damian Kernahan

    Reviewed in Australia on 21 April 2021

    Transforming the way that the world makes decisions.

    This is such an incredible quote and vision: transforming the way that the world makes decisions. Thank you for such an insightful process and framework to follow to make successful decisions every time. A fantastic read with so many gems that can be implemented into day to day life straight away.

    Lisa Jones

    Damian Kernahan

    A superbly crafted book that is intensely practical and theoretically sound, with many real case studies!

    Lawrence D Phillips

    Emeritus Professor of Decision Sciences, London School of Economics & Political Science

    His findings and approach are common sense. They are practical and applicable. I recommend them.

    Rhys Jones

    Lieutenant General (Retired), Former Chief of Defence, New Zealand Defence Force

    Great framework.

    Very informative with a simple framework on making difficult decisions less difficult!

    Verified Purchase

    Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2021

    Extremely Helpful to Both Large and Small Entities.

    I’ve really enjoyed this informative book and found it crucial for decision making at our firm. Breaking down decisions into logical pieces makes perfect sense but unfortunately is lacking many times. The timing of this book release is perfect as we are planning a strategic summit next month and this is now required reading for our executive team. Great read and looking forward to enhancing our company results!

    Night Flyer

    Reviewed in Australia on 22 April 2021

    Valuable and easy to follow – hard decisions just got a whole lot easier to make!

    Loved this book so bought both kindle and book versions. Too often how we go about making a decision – big or small – rarely gets a second thought; even whilst we’re agonising over a decision. This book provides an easy to use framework that gets to the heart of making best fit decisions.

    Sophia Symeou

    Reviewed in Australia on 21 April 2021

    Companion worksheets

    Paul has designed some worksheets that will support you to take action aligned with the principles and phases outlined in Hard Decisions Made Easy.  You can access them here:

    P5 Framework

    The P5 Framework is explored in great detail in the book, and as a ready reference, you can find a PDF version with a little more detail here.

    Action worksheet

    The book outlines four key actions you can work through for a decision you expect to face in the future, and guarantees that the quality of your decision outcome will be better. Access a tool to support you take those steps here worksheet

    About the author

    Paul Gordon is an accomplished strategist and expert communicator who has successfully designed, implemented and facilitated decision processes across the globe that have impacted millions of people. His diverse client base includes national defence forces and intelligence agencies, victim support organisations, large

    corporate investors, critical infrastructure providers and multi-national corporations.

    Paul thrives on the possibility of better decision-making to propel improved outcomes and is a passionate advocate of collaborative process design and execution.

    He has a vision for a world where everyone is engaged in decisions that matter to them, and where conscious, structured, inclusive decision-making is the norm.

    As CEO of Catalyze APAC, Paul leads a team of experts to support some of the most powerful decisionmakers in Australia, New Zealand, and the broader pacific region. Their application of Decision Thinking transforms strategy development, portfolio selection, option analysis and prioritisation, while building client capability that drives whole-of-organisation performance.

    Paul lives with his wife and young family in Sydney, Australia, where he enjoys sailing, fine food and wine, CrossFit and honing his vocals as a member of a local choir.